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Weather Angels and Global Warming

March 30, 2010

In the movie Patton, the General (George C. Scott) commands his chaplain to write a “weather prayer”. The chaplain composes, the General prays in blizzard conditions, and the Allied troops wake to a miraculously clear blue sky. I wonder if there are weather angels, beaming down from the whirlwinds around the throne of God?  In my Presbyterian youth, I was taught creation is like a giant windup clock.  God wound up creation, put it on a shelf, and left it there.   Now, I gratefully acknowledge He intervenes in the affairs of men, because He reached down and saved me.  The Bible reveals an interested, observant, and pro-active Creator who is not satisfied to leave us alone as the clock winds down. Perhaps the Lord has commanded angels to change weather patterns to “confound the wise”.  I am personally wearied by accusations from experts blaming me for drought, heat, and rising oceans.  There is something about their bitter vehemence that reminds me more of hell than heaven.  Are we the center of all activity and meaning?  Actually, no.  Everything is not caused by the hand of man. We are sensient participants in a greater plan. What if the baffling winter of 2009-2010, with record breaking snows storms and no record heat waves, has a purpose and a message delivered from above the weather?  I prefer the inscrutables of the Lord to the funding ploys and political outrage of certain climatologists. Perhaps, in His mercy, our Creator has stirred the first heaven to remind us our calculations do not equal Truth.  Are we destructive to each other and the earth? Yes.  Is creation groaning under a weight of sin, deterioration, and death? Yes.  But let us not view the universe like petulants two-year olds, assuming everything is always in our hands or should be.  There is One who controls the weather, and Who holds our future in His loving, nail scarred hands.  I am grateful to Him, come rain or shine.