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Warm and fuzzy

October 18, 2010

I like warm and fuzzy.  I want a puppy, a wriggling little baby with fur who will “love” me .  I yearn for its delighted response to me, all that leaping  and wagging when I appear.  No frowns.  No judgment of my daily failures.  The wonderful energy of physical life, but no challenge to the eternal substance within me.  A puppy yawns in the face of my rudeness or impatience.  As long as it feels safe and its stomach is full, it sleeps through my nights of fear, unforgiveness, and despair.  It seems easier to be kind to animals than people.  Young, sick, lost, or abandoned animals are easy to “love”.  Human beings are the challenge.  People require real love, the sacrificial kind.  The love that gives and suffers, and gives again.  People ache, complain, and lash out when they do not receive this costly love.  Human beings cannot survive with only full stomachs and physical safety.  We yearn to be loved, but we must be commanded to love others as we love ourselves.  People probe, point, and rub me like sandpaper.  Most do not love me, or so it feels.  As a Christian, I am commanded to thank God for these abrasions, and forgive, bless, and love deeply.   The animals did not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as our parents did.  We are inescapably responsible.  Unlike the winsome animals, human beings will be weighed, measured and judged.  We will live forever in redemption or the terrible lack thereof.  So, I will not seek a puppy for the comfort of animal affection.  Adopting an animal is not the kind of “good” I need to do today.  I will probe, point, and judge myself, finding little good within me except God’s presence.   I will choose to forgive again.  I will live, sometimes dancing, sometimes trudging.  But with God’s grace, I choose to love the creatures who are most like God.