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March 1, 2011

My heart hurts. A business acquaintance has committed suicide.  None of the published reports say so, but I felt the darkness before the inevitable undercurrent of gossip reached me.  I knew her professionally. I liked her. One couldn’t help but like her. She was intelligent, gifted, eager for love, lonely, and afraid.  We smiled and spoke last week.  In the gloomy aftermath of reading her obituary, I want so much to save her.  I yearn to believe, as some may, that we can, in the midst of this survivor pain and guilt, pray her out of the consequences of this desperate choice. I pray her sins be remitted.  The Bible says I can do this.  But the Bible does not promise she (or any of us) will escape the eternal consequences of  our actions based on someone else’s faith and relationship with God.  The Lord has provided a way for us to enter eternity in safety and blessing, but it is a narrow path.  Jesus, already God, became man to pay the penalty for sin (my sin, her sin, our sins) .  Jesus came to earth, lived without sin, and died in my place, paying the penalty for my sin.  The Great Exchange.  I have confidence in this transaction.  The evidence of the truth of this reality is overwhelming to me.  My eternity will be wonderful, because of what Jesus did for me.  I have a personal relationship with the Lord, and for this I am profoundly grateful.  He is the Good Shepherd who came out into the darkness and rescued me.  I want Him to do this for her, but third-party faith has its limits.  At the end of her earthly life, as throughout her life, Jesus is the only hope.  There is no second chance, no reincarnation, no alternate way.  Death is exit-only, with no returns or refunds.  She has entered eternity by its one-way gate.  I can only pray as I consider what she has found there.