I have committed to give away my Spode china. For a southern woman, this is big. Loss and joy at the same time. Didn’t know this would happen. My wonderful senior nephew has become engaged to a southern lady. Nothing pleases me more than to give her lovely things.  Yet the loss is real.  I have spent much of my life avoiding loss, or over-compensating myself for any loss whatsoever.  Perhaps this is why I have so much china, silver, and other southern stuff.  I was afraid of the pain. Today, I chose to accept the pain as well as the love.  How does this work, Lord?  Now come thoughts of losses greater than mine.  People losing jobs.  Legislators losing programs they worked to create.  My pastor, weeping openly as his first-born daughter leaves for college.  God knows all about loss, actually wrote the Book on it.  It is paradoxical He owns everything, and yet has lost so much.  How much more than anyone has God felt pain and loss and love? He loves all of His children, yet so many reject Him and die. Daily losses. God killed animals in Eden for skins to cover the sin of naked and miserable Adam and Eve.  By His own hand, God lost innocent animals He loved.  He lost the good earth He had created.  When the sin of man became intolerable, He covered His globe with water, and killed every animal and every person, except the few saved within the ark. What loss God has willingly suffered because of us.  He created us, knowing the pain we would inflict upon Him.  The greatest loss was when He turned away His face from Jesus, loving and losing Him to death (for three terrible days).  Pain and loss and triumphant love.


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