Abortion is murder

The NC House of Representatives debated a bill about pre-abortion procedures. Supporters want an expectant mother to consider the facts before she aborts.  Require her to undergo ultrasound and counselling to help comprehend what she is doing before she aborts the baby.  “Pro-choice” legislators launched ferocious opposition with eloquent pleas for compassion.  They criticized the cost of the required procedure and “government mandated” tests and invasion of privacy by an ultrasound device.   They decried the embarrassment of it all.  Quick, don’t think.  Just get the abortion, and everything is fixed.  No pro-abortionist mentioned the most vulnerable interested party, or mentioned her rights.  Their rhetoric flew high above her tiny, vulnerable body.  The mother will suffer, yes, but the child will die. Abortions are fatal.  Pro-abortionists deny this bloody reality, as logically they must.  Their tongues and brains are dark and benumbed, and yet they speak of light and truth.  They cannot yet hear the Truth standing above this debate.  They repeat the terrible lies told to my generation.  There is no baby until we say so.  There is no baby unless we want it to be a baby.  Below an unflinching Heaven, they verbally shake their fists into the face of God.  We will kill our children if we want to.  We will not bend our knees to You. We will live our way.  Rebellion causes dark and miserable pain.  Sealed in with a thick coat of denial, this pain begins it work of death to the soul.  My generation accepted the numbing lies and taught our daughters:  the baby is “tissue” and the abortion is a procedure “before there is a baby”.  Our culture drifts in this murky stagnation of death.  Fearful young women enter abortion clinics, benumbed, carrying lambs to the slaughter.  They stagger out, with the guilt and misery sealed into their empty wombs.  Pro-abortionists would leave them oblivious to the truth of abortion until it is too late.


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