Dancing at last

MBH entered into the presence of the Lord last night.  I smile at the thought of her.  It is a mystery to weep and rejoice at the same time, but it is so when a saint of the Lord crosses the finish line.  Her flawless face is glowing in the reflected glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.  She now resides in light so brilliant our earthly eyes could not endure it.   I strain to glimpse heaven, but it is beyond me, and I will have to wait.  She has arrived, and all is complete.  She is seeing with her eyes what she believed for so many years.  She is free of pain, grief, and disappointment, beyond weary time.  She ran her race, enduring to the end.  She crossed the finish line, and vanished from our sight.  Long ago, she was a beautiful, tense grownup, somehow walking in shadow.  We played quietly when she had a headache.  She lay in a dark room, and the entire house seemed dim.  After many years, I saw her at a crowded Christian meeting.  She stood beaming with happiness.  Light shone from her countenance.  Frankly, I stared at her.  She was at least 30 years older, but more beautiful than I remembered.  When our eyes met, she included me in her joy.  She never told me exactly how she came to commit her life to the Lord, but her testimony was literally written on her face, indelible in my memory.  From a tense, dim existence to joy unspeakable and full of glory.  She encouraged me and many others as she lived graciously, with love, patience, and kindness.  On she ran, through cancer and old age, until she won the race.  Now, she is fully herself, ready to dance.


One Response to “Dancing at last”

  1. jean coleman Says:

    What a delightful tribute to Mom! I, too, am loving the thought of her dancing in Heaven. I wonder who embraced her first upon her arrival, Jesus or Daddy? Thanks and blessing to you, sweet Henri. Jean

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