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Why Oppose Sunday Hunting?

May 1, 2015

Dear C—–: I apologize for taking so long to get back with you. As you know from our emails, it has been a hectic time. Crossover was yesterday, and now the exhausted legislators have gone home to rest over the weekend. The issue of Sunday hunting is deeply personal to Joe McClees and me. We are Christians, and have been intentionally following the Lord since 1985/1986. Before, we were raised in church, but not serious about following the Lord. Understanding and learning God’s plan for the Sabbath (in our culture Sunday) has taken time. Of course, growing up in Greenville, NC, I knew Sunday was distinct from other days of the week. Very few stores or businesses or restaurants were open. We went to church, ate at home most often, and rested. We took time off from the activities of the other six days per week. Daddy did not have to go to work. We did not have to go to school. There were no school activities scheduled for Sunday. In more recent years, I have recognized the Sabbath as God’s gift to us. We are created beings who need a day of rest. While Joe and I have been intentionally focusing more on the Lord in our lives, it seems the culture around us has intentionally departed from the ways of the Lord. All the lawsuits to destroy displays of the Ten Commandments are just one type of symbol of the culture not wanting to know or be accountable to God’s Word, the Bible, including the Ten Commandments.
I have learned “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7. The fear of the Lord is not a panic stricken anxiety or fear of being struck dead. It is a reverential awestruck wondrous feeling when one meditates of the nature and greatness of God. He is wonderful. I am always astounded by the fact that He loves me. Jesus came to demonstrate His love in very tangible ways. He died when I deserved to. He saved me. I am excited and encouraged every day at the goodness of God. In the meanwhile, Joe and I are lobbyists. This is the venue in which we work. We see the workings of government in Raleigh. Everything of much consequence in North Carolina comes through these legislative doors. As our North Carolina culture has become more secularized, the related issues, designed to lead our culture, and specifically the next generation, away from the values and teachings of the Bible, march through the Legislature: demand that homosexual relationships be honored as marriage, abortion tax-paid entitlement programs, sexual instruction and distribution of condoms in Junior High School, powdered alcohol designed to be marketed to early teens, criminalization of spanking of children, values instruction in schools that include everything but Christian values, and Sunday hunting. There are many, many such issues. We do not get involved in everything. But Sunday hunting has been rammed down our throats, with a dare to do anything about it. We are trying to do something: we are saying NO. Sunday hunting has been on the radar for the NRA for years. The NRA has had Sunday hunting on their TO DO list for years, and have been trying to get it accomplished in NC. For many years, Joe McClees represented the NRA in NC. Joe and I are both Life Members of the NRA, and would be Life Members even if we had never lobbied for the NRA. We strongly believe the Second Amendment gives US citizens the hope to retain the rights described in the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights. However, in 2006, the NRA tried to slip in Sunday hunting while Joe was out of state. He resigned from lobbying for the NRA over this Sunday hunting issue in 2006. Yes, the Second Amendment is very important, but God is paramount. God’s Word is true, good, and will endure forever. Unfortunately, the foundational principles of our nation, embodied in the US Constitution, and the values of the Framers of the Constitution, are being eroded. The people who started our nation had a Christian world view, and they embodied it in the founding documents of our nation, including the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The erosion of Christian principles and values signals the weakening and eventual destruction of our great nation. Thus, in 2015, Joe McClees will never agree to Sunday hunting, and I am very proud of him for taking this stand against Sunday hunting. In the meanwhile, we started the NC Sporting Dog Association in 2004. I incorporated the entity on 4/6/2004. We have been working to protect the right to hunt with dogs since 2004. But we will never, never put the secular interests of any of our members, or other interest groups, ahead of our belief in God and reverence of His Word. These are the reasons we oppose Sunday hunting. Thanks for asking. Henri McClees